4th (more like faced) edition campaignification

World Creation, Part I
Epic Faceage

So we had an interesting session pertaining to world creation, using the "Dawn of Worlds" ruleset. Before long, we'll have a complete map that should be finished, polished, and uploaded here for your viewing.


Some highlights from the session:

1 – Hwalek specifically created an extensive cavern system on one of the islands, which quickly thereafter became populated by displaced dwarves on the eve of a massive hurricane disasterfuck. I'd imagine the human inhabitants might have a bit of a tense relationship with those loveable dwarves (formerly forest dwarves), which may or may not be digging both greedily and deeply at the moment.

2 – Caitrin does win the award for largest geographic clusterfuck – nearly splitting a continent in two, revealing some dark cavern of awful. I'd expect some evil coming out of there at some point.

3 – Dinosaurs. Fucking sentient dinosaurs. Which are somehow related to tieflings. But not kobolds. All three are neighbors, so we'll see how that plays out.

4 – The Orc/Human/Kobold relationship on the northeast side of the continent should be interesting. I'm sure they'll all be the best of friends over the next number of turns.

5 – The Elves on the southeast island seem displeased with the new kobold settlement. I'm sure this will only lead to the warmest and kindest of relations between the two, and will in no way involve any kind of catastrophic awfulness.

6 – I'd imagine something is brewing on the northwest corner, what with the mountains and the giant bog and the wasteland. It probably won't be pretty. I'm interested to find out, though.

7 – We have some kind of winter wonderland in the southwest corner, bordered by Eladrin and their dryad buddies I'll be interested to know what exactly their relationship to the nearby bottomless chasm of unpleasantness, which is what I'll call it for now, is.

All in all, lots of interesting places. Just about every possible terrain feature has been created, from swamp to volcano. Nearly every race out of the 4e handbook is in, save for halflings. It looks good, and we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out on thursday.

Session 1 - Character Creation

Simple recordkeeping here. The campaign was introduced, characters were chosen, indications were made that the next couple of sessions would involve world creation.

So far we're looking at:

Erica – Fighter

Pqa – Cleric

Jeremy – Warlord

Caitrin – Warlock

Ash – Paladin

Hwalek – Cleric


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